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Rome, a sophisticated and a world super power in its time has built the world’s first empire that is systematized around money. Since the minting of the first coins in the ancient city of Lydia, the Romans have since then, became the vessels of the coin system. It was able to distribute it with ease across its vast empire. The prosperity of Rome can be credited to its revolutionary concepts based on a market economy, money, technological advancements and military might. The success of the empire is the result of numerous military conquests, sacking a conquered nation and taking the riches back to its capital city Rome. This continuous flow of funds from the conquests spurred a barrage of government spending on public works which in turn stimulated growth economically.

Rome saw its economic apogee during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. This is a time when most of the Mediterranean and its surrounding lands are united under a Roman emperor. During this stage, the Roman Empire is virtually self sufficient. Grains coming from Egypt and wine from the Iberia, present day Spain. This era also marked a peak in security which resulted in more commerce. This increased the quality of money available in the market therefore improving the quality of life for most of its citizens.

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